Materials engineer (majored in construction materials or materials technicals)

1. JOB DESCRIPTION – Participating in researching, developing, innovating current heat insulating, sound absorbing, fireproof… construction materials to improve the quality of materials as well as their capability to suit Viet Nam’s climate. – Researching new materials and manufacturing technologies to match a wide variety of buildings demands in accordance with the development of finance […]

Acoustic architect

1. JOB DESCRIPTION – Acoustics Design Consultancy for civil construction and industrial projects. – Work in co-operation with and support consulting unit in design solution, structure consulting, and materials consulting to match acoustics technical demands for projects. – Work in co-operation with acoustic designing unit of DASM to bring about solution, adjustments, and design fulfillment for […]

Acoustical design engineer job vacancies DASM

DASM – Institute of Development and Application for Sound Materials, a progressive acoustic consultancy with offices in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, is looking for a Acoustic design engineer to join our team in Ha Noi. We have a core of premium clients and undertake a diverse range of work. We provide high quality acoustic and […]