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Acoustic Consulting and Design

Choosing the Institute for Development & Application of Sound Materials (DASM) for acoustic consulting services means collaborating with a team of elite, professional experts in sound performance and noise control design for architecture and construction. We provide leading technical solutions and products aimed at achieving optimal and distinctive results.

Acoustics – The key to success for many buildings & construction spaces

Acoustics are a key to success for many buildings, constructions, and spaces. Most of us have dined in a noisy restaurant unable to hear the words of a friend sitting across from us, or tried to study in a library filled with distracting noises. Today’s workplace often features open-space designs, but did you know this can actually contribute to noise and potentially affect employees’ ability to concentrate and their productivity?

The Institute for Development & Application of Sound Materials (DASM) collaborates with architects and engineers across many projects for acoustic consulting and noise control, from the simplest soundproofing tasks to the most complex challenges of noise reduction in buildings. We help create effective operating environments where users feel enjoyable and comfortable. Our team of sound engineering consultants at DASM designs spaces to optimize listening conditions, noise control, and privacy. When needed, we use sound simulation technology to allow clients to “hear” their spaces before they are built. Our equipment laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art tools for measuring, monitoring, and analyzing sound.

DASM is ready to provide acoustic consulting services wherever clients need, both indoors and outdoors. In crowded urban environments where noise-sensitive neighbors may be close by; in rural areas where the surrounding sounds are the wind or the ocean waves. Our consulting experts advise on both new construction and renovation projects. DASM’s scope includes world-class performance spaces, workplaces requiring sound privacy, laboratories with complex noise control requirements, and classrooms that require quiet for clear communication.



Room Acoustics Design, Analysis & Surface Treatment

Room Acoustics is the science of controlling a room’s internal sound characteristics through creative geometry and surface material combinations using reflection, absorption, and/or diffusion. Excessive reverberation can lead to poor speech intelligibility – reduced focus, high ambient noise levels, and limited comfort, especially in workplaces and private/security applications.

Interior floor, wall, and ceiling surfaces can be created using various materials and finishes including perforated, grooved, fabric-covered, foam, plastic, wood, glass, metal, or gypsum.

DASM meticulously researches and specifies materials and applications with keen insight and respect for the basic architecture of the project.

Achieving satisfying sound results is both a complex and subtle process, in which elements like shape, size, building materials, or furniture of the space play an extremely important role. In spaces for music reproduction, auditoriums, performing arts, recording, and post-production, the results are even more noteworthy.

How high should ceilings be? What sound-absorbing materials are needed? How to accurately and reasonably combine different materials for thorough soundproofing? Should soundproofing and sound barriers be achieved by building high walls to the ceiling instead of to an acoustically treated ceiling?… etc. DASM uses the most advanced software for simulating site sound and sound, as well as other specialized tools to design and calculate acoustic parameters… – the most convincing answers to the above questions.

Acoustic consulting and design