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We offer noise, vibration, and shock control solutions. Our products are used in various construction projects and industries. Using modern engineering software, DASM can advise our client’s engineers on the best methods to reduce vibration and noise in products from the design stage. Additionally, if one of our diverse standard products does not meet your needs, our chief engineers can design customized solutions and provide prototypes for testing within your required timeframe.

Noise Pollution & Harm

Noise pollution, also known as environmental noise or sound pollution, is the dangerous presence of excessive noise in our environment. This problem is worsening as the world industrializes faster and becomes more populated.

According to the World Health Organization, noise pollution is the second most common form of environmental stress after air pollution.

Noise pollution can severely impact human health. It causes hearing loss, high blood pressure, heart disease, stress, sleep disturbances, negative cognitive development impacts in children, hampers communication and concentration abilities, and negatively affects the environment, etc.

How can we control noise pollution?

There are several proactive ways to control noise pollution:

What is vibration control?

Vibration and noise control are important aspects of many industries, but what exactly are they?

Vibration control is the process of reducing or eliminating sources of vibration. This can be achieved through various means such as dampers, isolation, or active control. On the other hand, noise control is the process of reducing overall noise levels. This can be achieved through soundproofing, active noise cancellation, or other methods.

Methods to achieve vibration control

There are many ways to achieve vibration control, but one of the most effective methods is vibration isolation. This can be done using shock mounts – devices that attach the object to be isolated to a structure that does not transmit vibrations well. Shock mounts will have soft material between two hard surfaces to absorb vibrations.

Another way to achieve vibration control is through active noise cancellation. This uses sensors to detect the vibrations of an object and then generates an opposing force to eliminate the vibrations. This can be done using electronic or mechanical means.

Vibration and noise control are important methods for reducing or eliminating unwanted sounds and vibrations. There are various ways to achieve vibration and noise control, and the most effective approach may vary depending on the specific situation. In some cases, simple measures like increasing the mass of a structure may be sufficient to significantly reduce vibration and noise levels. In other cases, more complex methods like active noise cancellation may be necessary. Regardless of the approach, it’s important to consider both vibration and noise control when trying to create a quiet environment.

Benefits of Vibration Control

There are numerous benefits to reducing or eliminating machinery and equipment vibrations. Some benefits include: